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Like so many investors from Victoria and New South Wales, who have decided to look at Queensland have opted to buy a house and land package, but with so many new developments it can be difficult to know which way to turn, especially when you don’t know the area.

The fastest growing suburb in Australia is the Gold Coast, in particular, Pimpama (North Gold Coast). As the suburbs Pimpama and Coomera are growing so fast it means the obvious road congestions, so it is great news to hear about the new long awaited plans are on the way, which is not just widening of the M1, but also New Train stations.

Gold Coast is situated on the south of Brisbane. Exit 45 on the M1 Ormeau house and land packages (housing estates) being built from $500,000 (Gold Coast North border).  45 km from the CBD.

Looking to invest in a house and land package, but not sure where?

Pimpama is Exit 49. While Surfers Paradise is the heart of the Gold Coast is Exit 69 on the M1.

Pimpama is located, 30 mins to Brisbane City and 20 mins to the beach, best of both worlds.

Having the M1 does makes it a lot easier for residents on the south side to get around.

However, with the increase of housing demand on the North of the Gold coast suburbs, it has made exit 45 to 49 congested during peak hours.


Check out the video below – 9 Gold Coast News


Pimpama/Coomera has a lot to offer with the new Westfield shopping centre offering 1200 jobs during construction and 1600 jobs once opened



You will also need to consider which side of the M1 you wish to purchase, as everything is about preference, but be warned there are sections on the west side that flood, so make sure you do your due diligence. Gold Coast Eastern side has always been more popular, but who wouldn’t like easy access to the M1!

Pimpama – Demographics


* Gold Coast Hospital – Southport – 25 min drive

* Kings Christian College – Pimpama. There are many good schools to choose from between Pimama and Coomera.

* Train stations Ormeau and Coomera, approximately 10 min drive

*For buyers under the $500,000 you may want to consider Logan House and Land Packages, where you can buy 4 bed, 2 bath, 2 garages at a great price and only 30km to the CBD


There are always pros and cons wherever you buy, but it’s about knowing what they are, weighing them up, and making an informed decision.

For house and land packages in the suburbs you require, please contact me as they are not all on the website.

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