Top 5 reasons to live in a Luxury Apartment

The reasons we loved our luxury apartment:

  1. The amenities!!! Doing laps in the pool to start the day was fabulous, and better yet, we didn’t have to maintain it.
  2. Everything new and done for us. So much easier than finding a block of land, an architect, and making the myriad of decisions necessary in order to live in a brand new property. We got to choose from two schemes the toughest part was packing up our old house and moving day.
  3. Ours was a boutique complex of 29 residences, so making some new friends was a very nice added bonus, much easier than in a large, impersonal block.
  4. For both the car park and residents’ entry gates, great security made for a feeling of confidence.
  5. No more house maintenance/lawns to mow/hedges to clip/paving to gurney – a whole lot more time for living and relaxing, rather than time spent maintaining.

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