1. You’re sick of feeling financially stressed

Not every person sells their property to increase their bank account. Some people have underestimated the ongoing costs, and simply decide to sell to lower their mortgage strain, or maybe to use the equity.

If your monthly payments are too high, or you want to be able to live more, by reducing your costs, then best thing may be to sell. Finding another home that’s more suitable and manageable seems like a great idea. It’s not worth struggling to pay off your mortgage, so selling would be a lot better that risking foreclosure.

It is also a good idea to try and reduce your monthly living expenses, which will help when applying for another mortgage with your Mortgage Broker. After all the aim is to reduce our payments and to have a better quality of life.

2. You’ve outgrown your home

Maybe you are living in your family home, but the family no longer resides there. Maybe the family or friends visit occasionally, which having such a large home is really no longer needed. Letting go can be hard, as we hold onto the memories, however we can take our memories wherever we go. So it could be time to start creating new memories as the home we live in does not define us, but could be holding us back with way lies ahead.

Death, Divorce and Sickness are all very emotional times and also a good time to make a change to start a new beginning. I understand that many of us are creatures of habit, but also are wanting to change in someway, but for us to experience a change with need to take action

Possibly you’re simply burnt out on the regular old same old routine, and this as an ideal opportunity to start your bucket list!

3. Fed up with ‘high maintenance’

The annual maintenance cost for the average homeowner is approximately $2,000. This figure does not include repairs, but mowing, landscaping, gutters, window cleaning etc. If living alone, it’s not always easy to rely on a friend to help with the odd repairs, but sometimes we do need to get a professional trades-person, which isn’t always cheap… Can also be difficult in getting them to show up too!

So tired of watching all the instalments consistently dribble out of your bank account? You could sell, and get a lower-upkeep property, for example, an apartment, unit or smaller home. may even need to have a go at renting and let a landlord stress over leaking pipes and other issues.

Time to live your DREAM!

Where would I Like to Be?

What would I like to do?

When do I want to start?

If you have decided to move forward with change and selling your home, and know your “where”, “what” and “when”, the first step would be to find out how much your property would be worth. By clicking the link below and entering in your details, you will be sent a text message with a price range.

Sold In 90 Days - How to sell your home quickly

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