How much is your home worth?

How Much is Your Home Worth - Real Estate Tugun

Are you thinking about selling your home? Not sure where to start! Getting an appraisal on your home is the first stage of making a decision on your next move! How long does an appraisal take? An appraisal of your home is carried out with a 15 -30-minute inspection, depending on the size of your…Read More→

Comfortable apartments

Our apartments are exquisitely designed to be comfortable rather than palatial, homey rather than institution.

Top 5 reasons to live in a Luxury Apartment

The reasons we loved our luxury apartment: The amenities!!! Doing laps in the pool to start the day was fabulous, and better yet, we didn’t have to maintain it. Everything new and done for us. So much easier than finding a block of land, an architect, and making the myriad of decisions necessary in order to live…Read More→

5 mistakes when buying an apartment

  Too often buyers do not check to see how many owner occupiers are in the complex. You will find the higher owner occupancy the better the maintenance. Don’t looking out for the warning signs of bad body corps, remember this is like a marriage. Buying in an area where the supply is much higher…Read More→

Low Interest Rates the New Carbon Monoxide

Colourless, odourless, tasteless and initially non-irritating, the world and this country are well and truly caught in its deadly embrace. While many celebrate the reduction in official interest rates that occurred last week it is worthwhile to pause and reflect on the cause and consequence of this further reduction. This is best done by comparing…Read More→